Saturday, July 4, 2020

Gifted very young children

The Gifted Education Package builds on their strengths and aspirations, and enables them to get better support, in and out of the classroom.
Every parent thinks their child is special, and they're right. From an education perspective, children who are gifted have exceptional ability in one or more areas. This may be obvious now, or may emerge as your child gets a bit older.
"What is air?" "How high does it go?" "Why doesn’t it all float away?" Listening to questions and working out what really interests your very young child can lead to discovering some very special talents.
'Gifted' is a term used to describe a wide range of exceptional abilities that children may display from any age. Giftedness means different things to different communities and cultures in New Zealand, and children with special gifts can be found in any family, culture, ethnicity, or socioeconomic group.

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